Older People
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Ageing Well in Port Phillip

Ageing Well in Port Phillip Strategy 2006- 2016

Ageing Well in Port Phillip Strategy: 2006-2016


Why an Ageing Well Strategy for the City of Port Phillip?

The Ageing Well Strategy was initiated to address the opportunities and challenges posed by a significant growth in the ageing population forecast in the next 10 years, the shift away from residential to community care, and the changing needs and expectations of older people.

To support the aspirations of older people to age well in their homes and community, the council, the Port Phillip community and the local business sector will need to work together to build a more age friendly inclusive living environment where older people feel safe and secure and are able to actively participate in community and public life.


What's currently happening in Ageing at City of Port Phillip?

In order to continue to plan for and develop a city which is age-friendly and supports active ageing as the number and proportion of older residents increase, City of Port Phillip is updating its “Ageing in Port Phillip Strategy 2006 – 2016” with an “Age-Friendly Cities” approach utilising the World Health Organisation (WHO) Age-Friendly Cities Guide. This will be done through the WHO-prescribed cycle of continual improvement with a view to membership on the WHO Age-Friendly Cities Network and attainment of Age-Friendly City status.




Use eServices to ask us a question, request information or give us feedback online. If you prefer phone ASSIST on (03) 9209 6777 or TTy (03) 9209 6713  and ask for the Coordinator, Ageing Diversity Policy & Partnerships.