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Adventure Playgrounds

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St Kilda Adventure Playground

Skinners Adventure Playground South Melbourne

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Improving services and programs at our adventure playgrounds

With two of the five Adventure Playgrounds in Australia housed within the City of Port Phillip, we are committed to providing welcoming community hubs that continue to grow and evolve.

Council has no plan to discontinue access to these playgrounds or these services.  As part of Council’s ongoing commitment to providing maximum value to our community, we are constantly looking at how we can provide services to continue meeting the needs of our community, including services at our two adventure playground sites, St Kilda Adventure Playground and Skinners (South Melbourne) Adventure Playground.

Withdrawal of federal funding in 2014 resulted in a $240,000 shortfall, which has placed some pressures on service and program delivery. Council has committed to covering this shortfall in the interim until a longer term funding solution is found.

Council needs to look at how we can improve service and program delivery to maintain these great community resources into the future. A review of services and how they are delivered has been undertaken with input from service and playground users, and has flagged opportunities to deliver these services more effectively in the future.

Council is committed to both St Kilda and Skinners adventure playgrounds continuing to remain open to the local and broader community. Any future changes to how services are delivered at the adventure playgrounds will be focused around providing a better service for all families in the City of Port Phillip.


About our adventure playgrounds

The Adventure Playgrounds (APG) are community wellbeing hubs that build positive outcomes for children and young people. They have been referred to as neighbourhood 'backyards' and give local children the chance to use their imagination and engage in 'risk-taking' play in a supervised environment.

We focus on three key elements to provide a holistic experience:

  • Recreation opportunities (engagement)
  • Support systems (resilience)
  • Leadership & participation activities (empowerment).


The Adventure Playgrounds are staffed during opening times and filled with climbing structures, trampolines, cubbies, natural play spaces and heaps more. Both offer programming and excursions and are designed for and best suited to 5-12 year olds.

The right of children to play and participate in cultural activity is protected under the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child. We seek to ensure that children growing up in the modern world still have the opportunity to play together whatever their backgrounds or circumstances.

Skinners and St Kilda APG's value the role of free, unstructured activity in helping young people to grow and develop. We believe that play needs to present controlled challenges and risks to young people to aid personal growth.

The playgrounds are spaces where children use their imagination, run, climb, create, jump and play with animals (turtles, rabbits, and chickens) and have the opportunity to be children. In today's risk-averse world, such opportunities are rapidly disappearing.

The playgrounds offer leadership opportunities for young people, by way of assisting to develop programming, sourcing funding and offering mentoring opportunities.

With two of the five Adventure Playgrounds in Australia housed within the City of Port Phillip, we are committed to providing welcoming community hubs which continue to grow and evolve. We focus on three key elements to provide a holistic experience:

  • Recreation opportunities (engagement)
  • Support systems (resilience)
  • Leadership & participation activities (empowerment)


Designed as big, urban 'backyards' for the local children in high-rise public housing, St Kilda and Skinners began in 1981 and 1978 respectively.

They are managed by the City of Port Phillip and for many years were co-funded and supported by the Federal Government (until 30 June 2014).

The outcomes of these community hubs are to work with the middle years young people and families who would usually be unable to access cultural, recreational activities due to social or financial constraints. For many families the Adventure Playgrounds are more than just a 'backyard' - they are a support network, a place to learn new skills, somewhere to 'escape', a link to the wider community, and a supervised place to have fun.

Based on a similar concept in Denmark, the children were originally given the materials and tools and asked to build their own play space. While no longer able to build the structures, the local children and their families help out where they can, creating murals, designing programs and having input into any future directions of the services.

St Kilda Adventure Playground

Opening times (exceptions apply): 

Mon - Fri   3.30pm - 5.30pm 
Weekends  12pm - 4.30pm 
School Holidays   12pm - 4.30pm  
Public Holidays   12pm - 4.00pm


NOTE: The playground offers activities and programs to local children experiencing disadvantage and may be closed to the general public when these programs are operating, particularly during school holidays.


St Kilda Adventure Playground
Street Address:
 Off Neptune St, St Kilda Melbourne
Postal Address: Private Bag No 3, PO St Kilda, 3182
Telephone: 03 9209 6348
Fax: 03 9525 3689

Skinners Adventure Playground 

Opening times (exceptions apply):

Mon-Fri   3.30pm - 5.30pm  
Weekends  12pm - 4.30pm  
School holidays 12pm - 4.30pm
Public Holidays   12pm - 4.00pm


NOTE : Skinners is a community backyard for children and families living in public housing in and around South Melbourne. The playground offers programs and activities specifically for these children and may be closed to the general public on days when these programs are operating.

To avoid disappointment we STRONGLY recommend calling Skinners Adventure Playground 03 9209 6352 before your visit.          


Skinners Adventure Playground
Postal Address :  Private Bag 3, St Kilda 3182
Telephone: 03 9209 6352
Fax: 03 9645 7586


Please Note :

  • Skinners is unable to accept group bookings or cater for groups, such as birthday groups, OSHC programs, or group gatherings.  This is due to the nature of  funding which is to provide a safe 'backyard' for children in the local public housing. Skinners is determined to retain the focus on these children and families. As such, large groups attempting to access the playground will be asked to find alternate arrangements.


  • Many of the activities at Skinners are funded specifically for children in local public housing. These programs may run whilst the playground is open to the general public, but access to these programs is restricted strictly to the targeted group. Please speak with staff for more information.


  • Please respect that Skinners is a Junk Food Free Zone. In order to promote healthy lifestyles with local children, all sweet, fatty or fast food or drink must be consumed before entering. If you would like your food or drink put away for you whilst in the playground, please see a staff member.


  • Skinners is also a Smoke and Alcohol Free Zone.


  • No dogs permitted in playground


  • Skinners is occasionally closed to the general public during regular playground hours due to events and outings with local families. When planning to visit, we STRONGLY recommend calling the playground directly on 03 9209 6352 to check opening times and to avoid disappointment. This is particularly important during school holiday periods.  

Parties & Events

Party Bookings are accepted at St Kilda Adventure Playground ONLY

All bookings must be made through the St Kilda Adventure Playground on 03 9209 6348 between 3 pm and 5 pm weekdays only. Maximum of 30 children

NO group bookings are accepted at Skinners whatsoever. Groups attempting to host parties at Skinners will be asked to find another venue.

  • Parties are available ONLY for children between the ages of 5-12
  • Bookings are taken for selected Saturdays and Sundays only.
  • Times available for party hire are 12.30 pm - 2 pm, and 2.30 pm - 4 pm.
  • A charge of $125.00 ($50 Health Care Card holders concession) for City of Port Phillip residents - $200.00 ($100 Health Care Card holders concession) for Non City of Port Phillip residents per booking. Please contact playground directly to discuss prices applicable to you. 
  • CASH Payment to be made on the day prior to the commencement of the party. 
  • The playground is be open to the general public during times allocated for parties, however your booking secures the use of the party area (an undercover area with table), BBQ & kitchen facilities. No alcohol or smoking permitted in the playground.
  • There is no exclusive hire of the playground, and no parties are accepted outside of the designated days and times.
  • Group bookings, such as holiday programs, can no longer be accommodated at the playground. Groups of this nature attempting to attend the playground will be asked to find an alternative destination.

Please contact the playground directly for further information.

Extreme weather policy

We STRONGLY recommend calling the playgrounds directly to check opening times and to avoid disappointment. This is particularly important during school holiday periods.  Additionally, the Playgrounds may be closed occasionally due to outings or events with local families. We recommend calling in advance to avoid disappointment.

In accordance with the Extreme Weather Policy, both playgrounds will close when the weather exceeds 35 degrees, or during heavy rain and/or strong winds.

Public holidays:

Currently, public holiday opening hours are 12 pm - 4 pm

The playground will close due to the following conditions:  

  • The temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius
  • The forecast temperature is above 37 degrees Celsius
  • During hail, heavy rain, strong winds, or thunderstorms
  • During required maintenance, safety audits, staff training, excursions, targeted activities. 
  • The playgrounds may be closed sporadically due to excursions or programs with local children and families. We strongly recommend calling ahead to avoid disappointment.

Policies & Procedures

  • Designed for, and most suitable for children aged 5 - 12 years
  • Staffed during opening hours
  • Parental supervision is recommended for all children
  • Children 5 years and younger must be actively supervised by an adult at all times
  • Care for yourself, others and our place - have fun
  • A kid-friendly zone - adults are only permitted in the playgrounds when accompanied by a child
  • The playgrounds are recreational facilities and visitors are entering at their own risk
  • No smoking or alcohol in the playgrounds
  • No dogs are permitted in playgrounds - both have animals on-site.
  • No junk food permitted in Skinners Adventure Playground
  • Please restrict taking of photographs to people accompanying you to the playgrounds
  • Please remember that you are entering the backyard of local families.

For More Information

Contact the playgrounds directly on the numbers and email addresses below

St Kilda Adventure Playground:    03 9209 6348

Skinners Adventure Playground:   03 9209 6352